Slanting Auto Feeding Tapping Machine
Slanting Auto Feeding Tapping MachineSlanting Auto Feeding Tapping MachineSlanting Auto Feeding Tapping Machine

Product ID: JT-4508E

  • It can be used to tapping threads whether has metal chips or not.
  • It's a mechanical movement, the machine is a fully auto. feeding continuous tapping, one user will permit to operate several machines at same time.
  • Gear-pitch type auto. tapping will get a precise & accurate thread for finished pieces.
  • It taps an accurate depth & will suit to the blind hole tapping.
  • It equipped with a safe device to monitor the feeding, torque, radial & clamping. It ensures to keeping of pro-long tapping life & a safe job.
  • It governed by PLC control.
  • It can easily quick - change of different tool sizes.
  • Provision of BLANK Auto-Checking and Auto-Stop if abnormal.



  • Pneumatic:JT-4508E
  • Hydraulic:JT-6516E (JT-6532E)



Model JT-4508E
Max. & Min. Thread's Diameter of Tapping 2~8 (10)
Max. & Min. Length of Tapping 1~40
Max. & Min. Across Corner or Diameter 4~15
Main Motor(HP) 3/4HPx4P
Cooling Oil Pump 1/8HP
Cooling Oil Tank's Capacity(Liter) 30L
Clamp Working-Pieces' Power Pneumatic
Net Weight (kgs) 620kgs
Length x Width x Height (mm) 1500x1380x1920