Auto. Tapping Machine With Index Disk

Auto tapping machine with interchanging disk

  • Product ID: JT-4508C
  • Separating the processing position and manual parts placing position in order to improve the safety of the parts. The plate can install pneumatic chuck or fixture to fix the parts. For the parts which are not easy to place or long spindle parts, it can reduce the difficulty of placing...

Auto. tapping machine with interchanging disk

  • Product ID: JT-6516C
  • Pneumatic clamp set can easily change collet excluding centering adjustment,suitable for small or medium quantity production or sample production. Operation safe and quick to pick and place work-piece by outside chuck and doing tapping by inner chuck. Ideal to equip with manipulator doing for...

Auto tapping machine with indexing disk

  • Product ID: JT-4508D/JT-6516D
  • Can choose 4, 6, 8, 12 rotary index plate to use. Can install multi spindle head to improve efficiency and reduce the conditions of missing tapping.   AVAILABLE FOR Pneumatic:JT-4508D Hydraulic:JT-6516D、JT-6532D

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